About the writer

Hi reader,

I’m Laura Carbajo, the person behind My Strings Attached: a craft lover, an English teacher, a TV show consumer, an I-do-what-I-can mother, a hungry reader when I find the time, an enthusiastic traveler when I find the money, an every-now-and-then cook and much more.

I love writing since the days when I was an English major student at the University of Barcelona. I’m working as a high school English teacher now which I think I’m good at and so, I write here about whatever is spinning round in my head, whatever I’m an obsessed with, as it is often the case.

I’m also very interested in content creation and online marketing. I’m taking courses on these subjects. So, if you are interested in hiring me and my skills, you can contact me at: qk.laura@gmail.com . Here you have my Linkedin CV for further information. ( not yet available)