Cowabunga Cakepops: Ninja Turtles


I know this is not exactly a recipe because, actually, I used Nestle already made dough to bake them. The point is that what I really like is working with candymelts and fondant to decorate cakepops and create little buddies.

Se que esto no es realmente una receta porque, de hecho, he usado masa para bizcocho Nestle. Lo que realmente me gusta es trabajar con candymelts y fondant para decorar los cakepops y crear pequeñas criaturillas.


My cousin, Roc, turned 7 yesterday and he is very much into Ninja Turtles. His favorite is the blue one, Leonardo, but when he saw them all, he decided he was going to eat one of each. I spent all morning in the kitchen but it was worth it just by seeing his excited face.

Mi primo, Roc, cumplió 7 años ayer y le gustan mucho las Tortugas Ninja. Su preferida es la azul, Leonardo, pero cuando las vio todas, decidió que se iba a comer una de cada. Me pasé toda la mañana en la cocina pero valió la pena solo por verle la cara de emoción.



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